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Desktop Motherboard Service Training

Desktop Motherboard Service Training Syllabus (English Class)

Course Name Desktop Motherboard Service Training
Course Code ADDSKMB-E
Course Activation 30 days + 30 days is Free = 60 days
Timing 24 x 7
Course Type
Its Pre loaded Classes, you can access our Server 24 x 7
(up to Activation Period)
We Provide Online Exam,
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1. Motherboard introduction
2. What is motherboard? And it’s various CPU sockets identification
3. Various types of ram and its slot identification
4. Motherboard chipset identification
5. Atx power connector, graphics port, pci slot, cmos and electronics components identification


1. Motherboard tools and testing equipments –explain
2. How use BGA machine/CRO/MULTIMETER and other tools–see the SMT CLASS chapter-1


1. Motherboard of Architecture -explain


1. Motherboard all components identification
2. Motherboard all chips identification


1. How to checking SMPS and its trouble shooting method?


1. IO chip section troubleshooting method


1. CPU power supply circuit [VRM] working function and its trouble shooting


1. DDR Ram power supply circuit working function and its troubleshooting
2. How checks ram voltage?
3. Troubleshooting ram power circuit through CRO


1. What is chipset?
2. Chipset power supply circuit explain & its troubleshooting method
3. How to find chipset power circuit fault through CRO?


1. How to check clock generator circuit through CRO?


1. Motherboard CPU power circuit [VRM] troubleshooting


1. i3/i5/i7 motherboard CPU power supply [VRM] circuit voltage checking method
2. DDR-3 RAM power supply circuit voltage checking
3. i3/i5/i7 motherboard Graphics section voltage checking method
4. Dual core/core 2 duo Motherboard CPU power supply circuit [VRM] voltage checking method
5. DDR-2 RAM power supply circuit voltage checking method
6. Northbridge & south bridge voltage checking method
7. Intel front panel circuit voltage checking method
8. Motherboard Audio section voltage checking method


1. Motherboard troubleshooting through DEBUG CARD


1. How to reset CMOS memory?
2. Bios chip pin out and its memory capacity


1. How flash the BIOS?


1. Motherboard VGA connector voltage checking and troubleshooting method


1. DDR 1 RAM power supply circuit function and its troubleshooting


1. BGA Machine parts identification and chip Re-Balling


1. PS-2 keyboard and mouse not working –troubleshooting
2. Front panel USB not working –troubleshooting
3. Back panel USB not working –troubleshooting


1. Intel D865 motherboard CPU power supply circuit [VRM] function and its troubleshooting


1. how to dry solder the ram slot resistor & its troubleshooting
2. IO chip dry soldering method & its troubleshooting
3. Motherboard physical damage and its troubleshooting


1. VGA connector problem and its troubleshooting-1
2. VGA connector problem and its troubleshooting-2

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